Pleasing You

Just a list of things for myself and possibly someone in the future. Look around, have fun, please be 18+ nsfw
  • Me: Do you want me to fuck you harder?
  • Princess: Yes please.
  • Me: (Stopping) I'll fuck you however I want to fuck you.
  • ...
  • Me: How do you want me to fuck you?
  • Princess: However you want Daddy.
  • Me: That's the right answer.

Anonymous asked: Ohkay so I'm the first woman my boyfriend has ever eaten out. And he used to think it was gross and I think he still might. Like I know say he's a bitch all you want but some guys just don't like it. how do I get him to be more enthusiastic?

Alright look, you want head? Here’s what you do. It’s a three step process.

1. Have an adult conversation with him about it and tell him you want him to get down there and do the thing to the thing. Explain that it isn’t all about him, but if he does it you’ll make it worth his while. Talk it out. Be mature adults. If that doesn’t work…

2. Start playin the game. He doesn’t wanna give you head? Don’t give him head. He wants to do all this shit in bed? Not happening until he does this for you. Seriously, YOU control the pussy. You are his girlfriend, he’s not getting it anywhere else so stop the supply of fresh coochie and starve that boy out. Don’t be afraid. You don’t owe him anything. You are woman. Be a woman. Crack that boy down until he caves and puts his fuckin face in it. And if he doesn’t…

3. Then either learn to live with it or leave him. You can’t really force someone to do something (even though option two is basically a way to enforce the exact act of forcing him) and sex shouldn’t be forced (unless you’re into consensual nonconsensual, but anyway) it should be natural and fun. If he doesn’t want to get in it, is disgusted by it, doesn’t like it, then let it go. Maybe one day he will change. In my opinion, when the sex goes out the window in relationships, then the relationship is dead for a lot of people. Some couples do great without sex but I just can’t do it. I need good, passionate, touch-all-bases, we both feel good, express our fantasies sex. And if you want that pussy eaten you’re going to need to either convince this boy or find a new one

Anonymous asked: I can understand scars or stretch marks, but is it bad to think that both guys and girls should shave when they have sex?

No it’s not a bad thing. The bad thing is putting it on someone like “I won’t have sex with you because of your pubes” like that’s the thing. If you both prefer to shave then shave. The moment where you tell someone they aren’t sexy because of their pubes or you’re mean about it is where you fuck up. Just be mindful of the other person. If you can have an adult conversation be like “yo I don’t like this is there some way for us to compromise? I know you don’t like my long toe nails poking you.” Just don’t make them feel bad for it because they can’t just stop fucking growing hair




You’re probably not that serious about figuring out your life unless you delete your netflix account and limit tumblr time

why didn’t u also say delete your tumblr

Lets not get too crazy here.

Yay! Voice Challenge on the way!! Thank you all I love you!!!

Yay! Voice Challenge on the way!! Thank you all I love you!!!